Know Your Worth Before Anyone Else Decides it for you

Know Your Worth Before Anyone Else Decides it for you

Exploring my confidence has been one of the most fulfilling journeys of my life thus far. It’s a continuous walk and I affirm myself of my own qualities everyday. I look in the mirror and I see awards in my hand. I walk everywhere and I know I’m just “that guy.” I’m comfortable with myself. There was a time when I felt my confidence laid stagnant in defeat. I yearned for compliments and appreciation. I searched for everything I never projected in myself. Affirmation didn’t find a home in me.

Your demeanor should be filled with an indisputable credence that can be felt beyond the reach of the room. People sing about your well-grandeur presence, but what if they no longer didn’t? How do you present yourself in a room? Were you confident before the compliments and praises? Did your self-esteem build its foundation from what another told you? I want you to know that you are outstanding before anyone EVER tells you that you are.

“You gotta know you that guy before people tell you-you that guy… You gotta already have in your mind that ‘I’m flyer than all of these dudes…You gotta see that before people telling you ‘well now you’re lit. You can’t let the world tell you that you the man because as soon as they tell you that you’re not the man, you ain’t gonna be the man no more.” — Dave East

You have to own your greatness before they rent it to you. Prior to people telling me they enjoyed an article/piece/interview/etc that I did, in my head, I already knew it was great. Confident, never cocky. Instead of their words becoming my foundation for confidence, it serves as the most appreciated form of reaffirmation. It’s that extra push. I put it out into the universe that I’m the most creative being to walk this planet. Everyone should feel that way about their passion. I’m not here for a paycheck, I’m here to fulfill a destiny.

“Belief consists in accepting the affirmations of the soul; unbelief, in denying them” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

In order to have an affirming soul, you must reach within — never reach outward, for those external elements can be eliminated. Inward, you have all the capability and capacity to maximize your true confidence, affirming yourself of what you came to do. They’ll hold you up like Simba, but that is fine. At this point you should already be holding yourself high above all. You can meet me at the peak of the mountain. Internal. Foundation begins with self. Prior to looking at anything or anyone else, look at yourself. The spiritual journey to self-confidence is one of great practice and will be exciting through diligent consistency.

Your worth: let it be built through your manifesting practice.Entering the game without knowing your position is dangerous. You allow others to dictate your movements. You become nomadically conflicted. They tell you to get out of the game, you’ll budge. If it’s reaffirming, you’ll shrug and further your progression.

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