Plan Ahead and Stick to the Plan

Plan Ahead and Stick to the Plan

If anyone were to ask me of my prayers and wishes—what I want an abundant amount of—self-discipline and focus would lead the tunnel. When you’re on a path, it’s vital to pay attention to your surroundings. Along your path, you may find alternative routes that do not correlate with your intended motion and purpose. There’s no guarantee that the path you walk will be straightforward and clear, but preventing as much turmoil as possible can become a significant help. After you plan ahead, do your best to stick to the plan.

Listening to Big Sean’s “Voices In My Head/Stick to The Plan,” it felt more like a self-help book than a song. Big props for Sean being able to convey these messages over production from Metro Boomin.

“Make sure all your inner actions end with actions”

If I feel it, I act on it, as long as it’s not hurting anyone and is moving me in the direction I’m aiming for. Internally, there are “repressed” goals that sit with some of us. Plenty people neglect that inner feeling.That feeling you get (or idea) may be just what you need and what the world needs. I began listening to my inner actions, I interacted with my higher power and he suggested that I should act upon my intuition. Don’t rob yourself of what you deserve. It’s an exhale from the hell you put yourself through–from not running away from regret and manifesting your vision. This takes practice.

“Subtract if it isn’t adding”

Take a moment, write it down, reflect: what or who is depleting your energy? Is it worth the depletion? The depletion may lead to incompletion of goals. Ridding negative or unnecessary energy is an essential part of our path. If it doesn’t add value to your path and the energy isn’t reciprocated, subtract it from your life; why multiply issues? Divide yourself from the expendable. Starve distractions. Self-inflicted stress is probably the worst stress that I endured. Why? Because it’s self-inflicted. I control that stress and choose to deal with it. Life already comes with inevitable stresses, so to add on more, it doesn’t do us any justice. Subtract the negative energy. This takes practice. 

“Voices in my head saying I could do better”

“If you know better, do better?” I heard parents, teachers, mentors, etc– they’ve said that to me my entire life. I would think I learned my lesson once I started doing better. However, I would slip back into a bad habit. My self-discipline was shattered. Not only that, I had to question, “how bad do you really want ‘this’ to manifest into something bigger?” I don’t have it all figured out, and I never will figure it all out. I’m simply aiming at being the best version of myself. So if I know that girl isn’t good for me, certain people aren’t for me, or certain situations create distractions, then why do I continue to let people or situations infiltrate my path? Like everything else listed above, it takes practice.

Above all, stick to the plan as best as possible. Consistency will drive you closer to your destiny.  No one ever told me it would be easy, but I always told myself that it would be worth it, in the grand scheme of things. Focus up and proceed with discipline.

Photo: Thomas Falcone/Instagram

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