Why do I Write​?

Why do I Write​?

I write to to instill hope of a new day, leaving behind old habits.

I write for progress and to mark change.

I write to document history; my own history and others.

I write to feel freedom, as the words free them — selves.

I write for the voices in my head that hold no mic, but hold vocalized freedom for the right to my writings.

I write to paint a picture — frame my words and hang them over your mantel.

I write to vent and without writing, I suffocate.

I write to travel to wherever I mentally want to be.

I write to feel what I can’t otherwise touch.

I write to not feel what I no longer want to touch.

I write to subdue the pain.

I write to purge negativity.

I write to pray.

To live, I write.

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