Write it Down, Follow Through

Write it Down, Follow Through

As gifts unwrapped, Christmas became a wrap. Next, we approached a new year and plot on how 2017 will be “the year.” Of course, optimism is only one component to making shit happen. There’s the almighty persistence, effort, and the follow through. We must remember to follow through on everything.

An old Chinese proverb said “the faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory.” For many of us, speaking it into existence is all fine and dandy, but writing it down becomes the extension for the existence — that you mindfully bring to life. Extirpating what draws us away is essential. Distractions must not seep through the seal that we’ve created in order to achieve goals for this new year.

We all see it. Maybe even do it. We declare the impending year as the year we change everything; eating habits, financial balance, family time, etc. Time and time again I’ve seen goals succumb to improper planning, lack of focus and motivation, plus futile conversation. If this does not apply to you, then don’t imply that I’m personally typing in your direction. Yet, repeatedly, the thought of putting a goal out to the world’s propelled vicinity does not sit well with me.

Denuding distractions and eluding his mind of idleness is Nipsey Hussle — African-American-Eritrean entrepreneur who swerves in and out of his own lane. Undeniably, Nipsey’s integration of both street life and motivation has never been absent. It’s safe to title him as one of the most thoroughbred artist in the industry. His business-minded aura provides an abundance of insight and wisdom. Through everything he’s conveyed in his music, I’ve put emphasis on his single, “Ocean Views.” Preceding the arrival of summer, Nipsey’s marathon of releasing songs every Monday carried on, with “Ocean Views.”

The tranquility released through the lyrics and the DJ Khalil and Mike & Keys-produced beat, may be the most zoned and relaxed Nipsey track I’ve ever heard. Despite the quiet character of the song, there’s still motivation and a blueprint set into the lyrics. What he’s saying isn’t deadstock and people have used it. However, sometimes it takes a certain person to convey a message for people to listen. Me, I listened. I took his lyrics and applied them to my own living. I’m unsure how much change my peers can see in my approach to life, but I have a combative mindset to how I approach certain transitions.

The song depicts Nipsey’s hustle to reach a certain apex, staying focused and ridding distractions and how the goal is to get to these ocean views. My vision of ocean views differs from Nipsey’s, but the water treaded to allow the high tide to sweep us beneath our feet symmetrically link.

Old friends like what have you been on
Shit, I’ve been on my grind
I ain’t usually home, focused, I ain’t using phones
Lately I’ve been using song to get my point across

Nipsey Hussle

I’ve done just that. Starving my social life (when needed) and honing in on a craft. That’s not to say your social life must come to a complete stop, but, keep priorites at the top of the tier. What you write down should become the cynosure of your year. Make this year and every day after it worth the push.

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